These homes are built from All Steel, Shipping Containers.
They're air tight, water tight and Storm proof!
These homes have drywall walls & ceilings over R-15, polystyrene insulation.

Less than *$35k for a standard, single 40' and we can ship anywhere in the US or surrounding islands (call for additional shipping charges).

Fully functional, fully insulated and setup 1 bedroom 1 bath, temporary or permanent homes that you can buy, transport and place on your land anywhere you can get a rail, small crane, forklift or helicopter delivery.

All you do is set up a pad or foundation with ties, water, electrical and waste service, set the home in place and hook up.

These are not mobile homes!
These are shipping container mini-homes.
These homes can be as simple or as elegant as you wish to make them and although they appear at first glance similar to mobile homes, when properly secured to the foundation, they're structurally more sound and rigid than standard construction homes due to the heavier corner posts than a manufactured home and the coregated, steel skin, making it structurally stronger than a standard built home.
This constructon, allows these homes to withstand greater force and load conditions than standard homes because the load capacity is aimed at the rail and post and corregated steel skin engineering - not wood sheathing over wood or aluminum 2x6's.

When properly secured to the foundation via rebar embedded in the footers and welded to the container, these homes will withstand gale force winds and the largest of hail impact with only minor surface damage and typically no interior damage. All you do afterwards is prime and repaint the damage.

If you choose to install siding or roofing, any loss due to inclement weather will result in only minor interior damage since the container itself is structurally water tight from the git-go.

These homes have a foot print of 40 x 8 and can be either 8 foot or 9 foot high.
They can be set on grade or elevated above grade to virtually any height, are built to withstand extreme wind and movement, hold up to 46,000lbs of weight on their unaltered structural 4 point corners and can be transported easily and quickly anywhere in the United States on a moments notice.

Our standard 1/1 homes can typically be delivered to your site in 15 days and require typically, less than 30 days to construct once secured to the foundation.
Our standard 2/2 homes can typically be delivered to your site in 15 days as well and require typically, less than 60 days to construct once secured to the foundation.

Site developement, foundation construction and utility installation are not included but are an option we can provide if you don't have a contractor already picked out.
We do include drawings if you need them and engineering certification if desired or required is also available.

Our standard homes come in a 1 bedroom, 1 bath with greeting room and includes;
  • A fully functional mini kitchen,
  • Single bath with standard toilet, vanity and walk in shower.
  • Mini-Laundry connections,
  • Forced air heat,
  • Code compliant single exterior door and up to (5) 24" x 24" windows,
  • R-5 closed cell floor insulation & vinyl floor covering,
  • R-20 insulated drywall surface walls and ceiling,
  • NSBC electrical wiring & receptacles,
  • Electrical panel and meter box (w/o riser),
  • 1 exterior door and up to (5) 24" x 24" window openings,
  • Primer and 2 coats finish color paint (single color)
Also available in 3 bed, 2 bath horizontal or vertical versions under 25k additional.

Our homes can be painted in a variety of colors and patterns to meet your needs and options include;
  • Pitched roofing,
  • Exterior siding,
  • Glass doors,
  • Security shutters,
  • porches & decks,
  • Additional unit connections,
  • Solar power generation and much more.
Our homes can be built to easily and conveniently connect to power and septic hookup.

Need a hunting shelter?
These mini-homes are easy to deliver and can often be pulled in on skids to your favorite site for weekend hunting trips.

Want a getaway lodge on a mountain side?
We can set these mini-homes on engineered stilt pilings and columns extending right out from the side of the mountain with minimal site developement. Great for steep slopes!
Lake side getaway

Want a getaway lodge on the lake?
With a little engineering, we can set these mini-homes on pilings extending from the lake side out over the water with little or no site developement.
Mountain side getaway

Need a quick bunker for storage or a work shop?
With a back hoe and some extra engineering, we can bury the entire container or just part of it and provide a burm escarpment to insulate it all year round.
NBC NEWS - Bunker Sales Spike


Need a portable Field Office that's more secure than a trailer?
Less than 25k and shipped anywhere in the US or surrounding islands.
Fully functional, fully insulated, heat and air 20' Portable Construction Field Office that you can buy, transport and place on your project site anywhere you can get a pickup and tilt trailer, tractor trailer, forklift or helicopter delivery starting at $24,950*.
We can even add axles & wheels with a detachable 5th wheel tongue for transporting as well.

Our standard 20' Construction Field Office is built for comfort, transport and security.
The R-10 insulation retains the heat and cool of the PTAC system and can be upgraded to as much as R-20 helping to further reduce sound and heat transfer. The Connex can be winched onto a 25' tilt back trailer for transport and slid off the trailer at the site ready for hookup to your generator and the all steel construction makes them impervious to any breakin attempts using less than a torch or electric cutting wheel.

    Our standard Field Office comes with;
  • 1) 20' x 8' x 8' high Connex box (B-grade),
  • A 7x8 private office w 13x8 meeting area,
  • 1) Commercial, Steel security door w/ window & hardware,
  • 3) single hung dbl pane windows,
  • 1) 12,000 BTU Packaged Terminal Heat Pump Air Conditioner W Electric Heat,
  • Generator hookup (optional generator installed),
  • 1) 8' wide countertop desk top w/2 file cabinets.
  • R-10 insulated exterior walls and ceiling,
  • NSBC compliant electrical wiring & receptacles,
  • Electrical panel,
  • 1 exterior security door and up to (3) 36" x 36" windows,
  • Primer and 2 coats finish color paint (single color)
  • Because of the rail and post engineering, you can secure one end of this home to the embankment of a lake and the other end on only two pilings (appropriately engineered) out in the lake and if you have property in the mountains, you can secure one end of this home to the side of a 45 degree mountain slope and the other end on only two, 30 foot tall pilings (appropriately engineered).

    In some cases, these homes do not require Building Code compliance and tie downs may not be necessary on your site (check with your local inspectors office) but if necessary, we can supply, via local contractor, pads, foundations, or basements complete with tie downs.
    Our standard, 1/1 shelter homes can be assembled in less than two weeks on our site rain or shine and shipped by rail or tilt-bed trailer (or chopper) in two weeks to your site.
    Or delivered to your site dry and weather factored in, built out in less than a 30 days.

    *Pricing is for construction at our facility. In field construction is available at additional cost.
    Pricing does not include shipping of the Connex unit either to our facility or from our facility to your site. raw Connex availability and location will determine the cost of shipping to our facility.
    Pricing does not include any site development, any foundation work, site utilities, or connections... These services are available for additional fees.

    Mike Spangler
    Mini-Homes By Mike