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What you get is what this project is actually going to cost you to rebuild it.

INCLUDED - A standard "as-built", floor plan: We take the time to meticulously measure each room in the house for accurate takeoffs and design including the doors and windows, ceiling heights, surface materials & conditions and at least 2, HD pictures of each room plus exterior, basement conditions, attic conditions and roof conditions and a detailed, 5 page cost estimate which includs an itemized estimate on both materials and labor

About the Work

This package includes:
A CAD, as-built, floor plan drawing accurate to 1" over all of each floor in the house,
A 4 page series of cost calculations for rehabing the house.
-- Estimates include materials cost and supplier, labor time & cost and contractor costs.
-- A project breakdown summation sheet with all the above, insurances and misc costs.
-- If you have a professional supplier/installer (such as Lowe's) you can give them the drwgs for kitchen or bath design.
Numerous HD pics of the inside and outside of the house for studies and before after comps.
These estimates are suitable for any general contractor to bid the complete project from. All he needs is to add his misc costs and profit markup.

I have 5 years of estimating experience for a licensed general contractor and this isn't just a number thrown at you by a builder or general contractor with absolutly no details.
This is the actual package that we used to determine the "number" that we threw at you after adding our building materials markups, labor markups, subcontractor costs, insurance and profit markup costs.
You can use this information to determine what the cost would be for you to contract your home yourself or add in a percentage estimate for the contractor/builder to do it for you.
This material is also suitable for presentation to most construction and historic lenders for financing since all the costs are verifyable and realistic.

Pricing starting at $1,100 for up to a 1,000 sqft, single floor home.
Detailed Cost Estimates for Your Project
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