Bath Remodel

About the project
This customer called me about their older bath.
After a couple minutes of talking she told me that she was unhappy with the appearance of the bath and wanted to upgrade it a little.
After some discussion, she decided that some wainscoating, touched up chairrail, a new tub refinish and a new vanity and cabinet would take care of her needs.
She later decided that the floor needed replacing as well.
As I was beginning the tearout, the husband asked me to remove the existing window over the tub which opened into the adjacent laundry room and cover the wall and window opening with new drywall.
First thing off, I noted that the existing cast iron, claw and ball tub was plumbed such that the tub was in contact with the back wall and actually embedded into the side wall by 1".
So after disconnecting and sending the tub out for refinishing (I have a supply source for acid dipping and enamal paintiing and we guaranty the finish against peeling paint and normal wear and tear for 5 years) I set about opening the floor and moving the plumbing a couple inches right and forward.
Next, was the gut and then after some wall repairs, the new floor of interlocking, vinyl floor boards.
After that, the newly painted base boards were rplaced and a new, beadboard, vinyl wainscoat was installed.
After that, I set about installing the newly repainted, original chairrail and the newly rebuilt toilet.
A new vanity wiith stone top, faucet and cubby shelf system replaced the dated and worn old vanity and finally, the newly refinished tub was set in place, new plumbing attached and a new shower curtain installed.