Plaster Ceiling Repairs

About the project
This customer called me about a plaster ceiling repair.
After arriving, we spent a couple minutes discussing the repairs to the ceiling that the owner had started and then discontinued when time began to take it's toll on him.
There were several places in the ceiling where the leaking tub upstairs had cause sever damage to the plaster and after attempting to make the repairs (upside down) the owner had given up in frustration.
I started by removing some of the patches to help level the ceiling out a bit, then using my own technique, applied new patches and began skim coating the ceiling
The second visit a couple days later found the work solid and ready to sand out. After sanding another skim coat was applied to smooth out the scratch coat and I called it a day for drying.
The third visit I sanded once more and afterwards, applied some minor fill in a handfull of places and left it again to dry with the promise to come back tomorrow and sand down the compound that I just applied to make it smooth and then paint it.
On the fourth and last visit, I sanded the areas I'd touched up before and then painted the entire ceiling.
"Wow!. That ceiling hasn't looked that good in years!" the owners wife told me.
Apparently, a job well done.
Cost: $355