Vinyl Deck & Rail Replacements

Vinyl Decking Replacements
Tired of looking at your beat up, plank, lumber deck?
Wish you could walk on it barefoot without catching splinters?
Wish you weren't having to go out again this year and sand and paint it?
Well here's your solution!

This customer was tired and fed up with all of those problems and especially, not being able to safely entertain his guests and family without fear of some one getting gouged or tripping over a warped board.
Through a couple weeks, I removed the rotted and dried out wood decking and replaced it with new, vinyl decking boards, 6 planks at a time to assure safety while working.
Then I replaced those planks with the new vinyl planks, secured using an invisible fastener to hold them in place thereby leaving no visible screw heads.

After the decking was completly installed I started the posts.
One of the majore issues I had to deal with here was an outstanding warpage of several of the posts above the deck level.
Over the course of years of exposure to sun, wind, rain and snow, several of the posts had warped as much as 3" out of plumb and twisted as much as 20 degrees.
By measuring, triming the posts and then adding material where it was necessary, I realigned them so that the vinyl post sleeve would fall down over them and safely support the hand rails and balusters.

Upon completion of the posts, the hand rail bottom rails were installed and the balusters set in place for the top hand rail to sit on, secured to the posts.
The stair rails were a little more tricky and took a bit more time.

The final job resulted in a deck you can walk on in stockings that will last longer than you will.

Mike Spangler
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