Because the customer spends a great deal of time away from this home this damage wasn't discovered till late.
While away, a tree limb of considerable size broke off its tree and fell across the roof and existing wall of her house.
The damage was severe but not that great. What complicated the issue was that no one knew it had occured.
A month later, after a month of rain, the problem was discovered and another later a roofer was located to correct the roofing issue and wall breech. but by that time a considerable amount of moisture had built up in the walls and ceiling causing massive rot to the framing and roof rafters as well as extensive mold.
The ceiling had to be braced so that nearly the entire wall includng windows could be removed and replaced.
Since we couldn't leave the house open to weather and intrusion, the wall and windows had to be replaced in the same day so some planning and fast work was involved.
After the exterior wall was completed with new vinly siding, the existing electrical had to be reworked to correct some safety and asthetic issues, the ceiling replaced and hopped, the walls repainted and new sills installed.