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Replaceing a Single Glass Pane with a Double Insulated Pane

About the project
This customer called me about their older windows.
When she called, she told me that she lived in the OWE, historic area and as I'm sure you're aware if you live in the historic district, the ARC won't let you replace your wood sash, counterbalance, single pane glass windows with new vinyl, double panes as they nixed mine.

After discussing this for a while we came up with a work around that works for the ARC and the customer.
The way I got around that was to order an insulated, double pane window from the original single pane glass dimensions, modify the existing frame and simply swap the glass, thereby also renewing the counterbalance cords, the hardware and cleaning the track at the same time.

For the first window I create a new frame of the same dimensions as the existing frame and build the window in my shop. This way I don't have to remove your window and board it over while I wait for the new, factory built, insulated insert to arrive.
Once the new window sash is complete, I return to your home and remove your exterior window trim, the upper sash, the track runner trim and then the lower sash.
Then I simply install the newly rebuilt, lower insulated glass sash, then the runner trim, then the newly rebuilt upper sash, the outer retainer trim and finally the outer frame trim.

Then I add a new trim to the glass (glazing) to cover the exposed edges.

In the process, I replace your counterbalance cords with new rope or chain (your choice), window hardware and add an additional counterbalance weight inside the wall. At that time I can also clean and repaint the tracks if necessary.
After two years I've not had an issue with them.

Mike Spangler
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