I called Mr. Spangler in to look at my bathroom remodel.

Besides being courteous and professional, he was able to renovate my bath and found me several upgrades at great pricing.

I'll definately keep his
number handy.

Maralynn. H, Danville, Va

Mr. Spangler helped us to remodel my kitchen. It was over 20 years old and I very rarely cleaned it and generally did my best to avoid even
going into it.

Now that the project is complete, I find myself sitting in it daily just to read a book
or watch the news and I'm constantly polishing it.

My kitchen is finally a joy
to be in now.

Rebeca V, Danville Va

Our guest bath was an add on to the original house.

Mike helped us add a new, upgraded plumbing system, vanity, walls and
shower to make it more convenient and presentable
to our guests.

A wonderful project.

Robin B, S Boston Va

We needed a new garbage disposal installed.

My husband said he would instal it but his time and interest were short.

I called Mike and 3 hours
after he arrived, I actually
had a new working disposal.

Even my husband was happy with the way mike got it installed.

Thank you Mr. Spangler.

Antonio A, Ring Gold Va

My bathroom sink had been leaking for months.

My husband had worked
on it three times and had
finally given up saying we
needed to replace it.

when I called Mr. Spangler
and he looked at it, he told
me he could actually fix the problem for less than $30
but we had already bought
a replacement sink so he replaced it and discounted
us $30 for the old sink.

Thank you Mr Spangler.

Thomas B Danville Va

The wall on my rear sunroom suffered a massive breach
one summer without my
knowledge and it was nearly
30 days later till I discovered

After going through 2
different repair people, I
was still experiencing water and mold issues.

I called Mr. Spangler
because he was referred to me and when he arrived,
without much talk he told
me exactly what the problem was and what I needed to
have done to fix it completely.

After 2 weeks of hot, July
work on his part, I haven't
had a problem with it since.

Michelle M Chatham Va

We had an early 1900's cast iron kitchen sink built into our historic home.

We wanted to keep it but everyone we spoke to told us they couldn't refinish it with any guaranty on the finish peeling off.

When Mr Spangler told us
he could get it refinished,
and guaranty it for 5 years
I jumped on it.

It's been nearly a year now
and it still looks like it did when he took it out.

Even his price was great!

Sandra B, Danville Va

Our entry ceiling had been looking really bad for years from a leak that occurred in our upstairs bath.

Despite best repair efforts
by my husband, the plaster ceiling looked almost
as bad as it did before he repaired it.

Mr. Spangler came in and
after complementing tim on
his repair work, adjusted
and refinished the ceiling
and now it's beautiful again!

We call him now every
time we have a repair Tim
can't or doesn't want to

Sharon B, Danville Va